Truth In Action


Truth Blast #2: The COVID-19 Vaccine - Yes or No?

Have you decided? Are you wondering? Do you still have questions? Either way here are some thoughts to consider before you decide or while you wait...
1. The COVID vaccine uses a “revolutionary” and controversial mRNA technology, never before used in humans.
2. The main “champion” of vaccinations is not a medical professional but a vaccine maker who is in a classic conflict of interest, promoting vaccines that will earn him billions of dollars.
3. This vaccine has been promoted in tandem with revolutionary new tracking, surveillance, and DNA technologies that have nothing to do with COVID or with health and everything to do with AI and control.
4. Vaccine manufacturers have rushed their vaccines to the market in one tenth of the time it usually takes to develop a vaccine because safety is secondary—they have ZERO liability for any damage or deaths caused by their vaccines.
5. The vaccine has not been properly tested against a legitimate placebo.
6. It has not been properly tested in animal trials.
7. It has not been tested to determine risk in the vulnerable, or people with different medical conditions, weakened immune systems, allergies, pregnancy, fertility, or who once vaccinated, are re-exposed.
8. It alters the human genome which has never been done before and no one has any idea of the collateral or long term impact that will necessarily be the result of such an unproven and irreversible technology.
9. We will have to deal with and pay for any and all physical, mental, and lifestyle damage ourselves, both short and long term, that we may suffer from receiving this fundamentally untested vaccine.
10. The vaccine is being promoted 24/7 by government and all media as never before and in concert with overt threats and coercive strategies to violate your sovereignty over your body.
11. It carries incalculable risks with no benefits.

12. In March, before we even knew what we were dealing with, vaccination was being hyper-energetically marketed. Knowing nothing, why would they have been so sure way back then that vaccination was “the only way back to normal”? In fact they were quickly proven wrong. (25, 26, 29-30)

13. The vaccine is not claimed by its manufacturers to give immunity; to cure COVID; or to prevent transmission of COVID. So what is this vaccine is actually supposed to do for us?

14. It may cause COVID symptoms in people who are perfectly healthy.
15. After being vaccinated people may become carriers and shed the virus for several days, infecting others.
16. We’re told that after vaccination we’ll still have to wear masks and social distance. So we take serious risks with the vaccine, and just get more demands to comply. The vaccine was never a “way back to normal”.
17. The vaccine requires 2 doses to become effective and then requires shots to be repeated annually into the foreseeable future. So given 13-16 above, why we are taking it at all?”

18. The virus that is supposed to be targeted by this vaccine has never first been isolated, then cultivated and finally proven to cause COVID symptoms (which is a fundamental protocol in developing any new vaccine) So if this has not been done, what did they do and how can they know exactly what they are targeting?

19. The urgency for the vaccine is based on a blatantly fraudulent “diagnosis” by a PCR test which—according to its inventor and microbiologists everywhere—is explicitly not to be used for diagnosis.

20. Testers are instructed to use PCR at 37-40+ cycles which are known to produce up to 97% false positives.

21. These false positives, tabulated from fraudulent tests performed on people who have no symptoms, are being hyped 24/7 as “new cases” causing fear by falsely implying infection is spreading and deaths are rising.

22. “Cases” has been a medical term that until COVID always referred to someone ill and showing symptoms, but with COVID it’s been changed to include healthy asymptomatic people who receive a false positive.

23. Since April, sixty thousand doctors across the globe have declared this virus has never been a threat amounting to a pandemic, and that its impact is comparable to the seasonal flu.

24. Government mandated measures that were supposed to “protect” us and “stop the spread” have not only failed to do that, they have caused more deaths and injuries than the virus itself. Yet these lethal mandated measures are being extended indefinitely, intensified and increasingly enforced.

25. We are being denied opportunities to get information and other qualified opinions, because doctors and medical professionals, even Nobel laureates, who are questioning the vaccine and offering alternatives to it are thoroughly censored by health authorities, the media and Big Tech.

26. There are many well-known, safe, inexpensive and highly effective treatments to protect and cure COVID which have been suppressed, banned, censored, ignored or denied by health authorities, even though they would have saved countless lives and made the vaccine unnecessary.

27. For 20 years attempts to find a corona virus vaccine have been unsuccessful, yet somehow we are to believe that this COVID vaccine, rushed to market in months, without being fully
tested, is safe.
28. The flu vaccine historically has only had between 8% and 40% efficacy. (See 13-16)

29. Since the beginning of time, our immune system has carried humanity through thousands of years of viral and bacterial assault successfully, without vaccines.

30. The population has a 99.99% survival rate with COVID anyway thanks just to our immune system without the vaccine. See 28 above.

Note the consistent threads of urgency, (4, 10, 17, 21-22) control of information (25-26), and the inevitability of the vaccine as the ul,timate outcome, in spite of the lack of necessity (23, 26, 29-30), the illogicality (11-16, 26-30), the outright fraudulence (18-22) and the risks inherent in such an untested technology (1 4-9, 11).
Causing more deaths is obviously not a way to protecting health (3, 12, 16), so what is driving these so-called “public health” policies? There is an urgent need for all of us to hold those responsible for these policy decisions to account.
IN PARTICULAR: Points 19-22, 24-26 are describing intentional policies and actions by authorities that appear at best to be denial of care and professional negligence, and at worst potentially a crime against humanity—the murder of thousands.