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Truth Blast #1: The COVID Vaccine - What We DO & DON'T Know

When it comes to the COVID vaccine, here is what we DON'T know:
The Elderly: There is no information on the risks to the elderly who are already vulnerable because of other life-challenging conditions. - 2 Nuns died following a "COVID-19 outbreak" that occured 2 days after first vaccination - 58-Year-Old woman, Drene Keyes, dies hours after getting first dose of Pfizer vaccine - 56-Year-Old Florida doctor, Dr. Gregory Michael, dies 3 weeks after first dose of Pfizer vaccine - 60-Year-Old x-ray technologist, Tim Zook, dies 4 days after getting second Pfizer vaccine
Pregnant Women & the Unborn Child: There is little known about effects on women or how it might affect her unborn child. - Vaccinated at 14 weeks, miscarraige at 14.5 weeks
Young Women: It is unknown if women will be unable to bear children because an autoimmune response could reject the placenta.
Young people: There is unknown risk of infertility in teenagers and young adults.
Immuno-Compromised individuals: There is no info on effects on people with weak immune systems.
People with neurological disorders: There is unknown risk to people with neurologic disorder.
People with autoimmune disorders: There is unknown risk to those with an autoimmune disorder.
Healthy Individuals of Any Age: There is no information on the very real risk of ACE (Antibody Dependent Enhancement) leading to death if someone receiving the vaccination is later exposed to COVID in the wild. -36-Year-Old Memphis orthopedic doctor, Dr. Barton Williams, dies a month after receiving second dose
Now, when it comes to the COVID vaccine, here is what we DO know: 1. Vaccine Manufacturers will not say the vaccine will protect you from COVID! The trial data on the vaccinations released so far has not addressed the issue of transmission of the virus. 2. Vaccine Manufacturers don’t know if the vaccine will prevent spread of COVID! (Pfizer CEO) 3. We are told that after the vaccination everything will continue as before the vaccine. We will still have to wear masks. We will still face lockdowns. And we will still have to social distance — for up to two more years! (Dr. Fauci) 4. As of February 13, 2021 there have been 653 deaths and 12,697 other injuries reported follwing the COVID vaccine as per latest CDC data.
PEOPLE at NEAR ZERO RISK from the VIRUS—ARE BEING TOLD TO GET THE VACCINE. At the FDA hearing on the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine, the chair cut off questions and limited debate. This means now people who subject themselves to the vaccine will face serious unknown risks they will not be able to avoid, cannot correct and would not otherwise ever encounter.