Truth In Action


Truth Blasts

1. VaccinesIs the coronavirus vaccine safe? Is it effective? Will it end the pandemic? Is it possible we are in the middle of the largest mass experiment on the human race?

2. PCR Tests Why, for the first time in history, are people labeled diseased with nothing but a positive result? (Historically, symptoms are required for a diagnosis.)  Does this test actually even work?

3. LockdownsIs the 'cure' worse than the 'disease'? Why has the strategy of focused protection (ie. Great Barrington Declaration) been demonized? What lasting damage are we doing to our kids?

4. MasksWhy has the issue of masking been so contensious? Do they really work? Or are masks merely a virtue signaling tool? A sign of compliance?

5. ContagionWhy is germ theory the only accepted theory? What about terrain theory? How does contagion actually work?